15 minuet photo-shoot

For the photo safari, I chose to take the pictures in my house because there is currently still a pandemic going on and I had no other options. I still would have done it in my house though because I do get kind of self conscious taking photos in public.

Motion blur

This photo is my most inventive one, I think its really fun. I set the shutter speed to pretty slow (5 seconds ish) and tracked my cat with the camera as he ran by. It makes it look like he’s going super fast.

odd angle
repeating pattern

I’m really fond of these two, but I like the first one better because I couldn’t quite get the hearts to line up on the second. I think the reason these two turned out so nice is because of the lighting, the candle is actually on top of the end table so they had the exact same lighting.

I had a big problem of forgetting to adjust my shutter speed in between shots because I had such little time and the lighting was drastically different in different parts of the house, so there are a lot of shots that I had to leave out that, while they were composed better were over/under exposed and unusable.

Overall it wasn’t super difficult and I got some great shots out of it, but I do prefer having time to develop my ideas. Just as well, I couldn’t set up the lighting how I and also get more than two shots. It was an OK experience and I’m definitely take some of the shots that I got and improve on them later. It would make for a pretty good exercise to do occasionally if I’m dealing with artist block, but I don’t know how often I would really want to do it.

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