A collection of good sounds

For this assignment:

We were asked to compile 4 or five sounds that we like. In order I picked

  1. The sound of my Mancala ‘stones’ clicking together
  2. Plush fabric rubbing together
  3. My sewing machine starting up
  4. the sound of a music box starting up

These are all very significant sounds to me. I have misaphonia pretty bad, and a lot of sounds trigger it and it can be really upsetting, so sounds that I like are far and few between. When I was a kid I played Mancala all by myself for hours at a time and the sound of the ‘stones’ (set had tiny plastic colorful animals instead) is very comforting. I love stuffed animals, and I acctuly sew some myself so both the sound of the fabric and the sound of my sewing machine (even though its loud) always leaves me content. My mother collects music boxes, and honestly I love the sound of them being wound more than the music itself most of the time. All of these sounds make me feel safe and they are very personal to me because they are a very brief refuge from the onslaught of overwhelming noise of the world.

I used audacity,a free DAW, to record these sounds.

3 thoughts on “A collection of good sounds

  1. One of my best friends as well as my stepmom have misaphonia, I was really interested in your take on this. I know exactly what sound you’re talking about when you mention the mancala stones hitting each other. It’s part of why the game is fun I think. If I had to give one critique I would say that you should try and get all of your sounds to the same level of volume. I had to turn my sound up to hear one thing and then immediately back down because it was too loud. Overall, I really liked reading this and hearing your thoughts!

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