Getting home after a long day at work

For this assignment:

We were asked to create a story time that is entertaining.

I created a story about getting home from a very long day at work to find a demon in my kitchen. I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be told like a story or an audio drama, so I chose to make it an audio drama. I used sound effects and background music from


I wanted to portray a character who is, like the person I’m trying to portray through my blog posts, the kind of person who when faced with an entirely absurd situation says F it, I don’t care this won’t throw me off my groove. Someone who is sassy and confident, even if there is a demon in their kitchen.

I had a lot of trouble with this assignment and I’m sure that it will happen again with the others. Hearing the sound of my own voice is genuinely upsetting to a kind of serious degree, so I had to take breaks from this assignment to try to collect myself pretty often. It was really fun to pitch shift my voice for the demon parts though. I tried to implement the advice I learned from the videos about balance and having two characters bounce off of each other.

I used audacity to make this project, and here is how I made the demon voice.

First I record a track

then I select and copy it.

Next I create two new tracks (make sure they are stereo tracks)

Then I paste the sound down into both.

Then for the first track I select all and go under effect and select pitch shift

Then I shift it down -11

Do that again for the other two except do -25 for the second track and -75 for the third (depending on you voice other combos might work better try different combos)

Then on the second track go to effect and select reverb and play around with the settings until you like it. Then apply those same settings to the third track.

Set the first track slightly to the right and the second slightly to the left.

There you go!

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