Ghoul be gone

For this assignment:

we were asked to make a radio commercial. I made one for a fake product called ‘Ghoul be gone’ to tie in with the audio story I did. The story was about finding a demon in your apartment and this is an advertisement for a way to get rid of one. I wanted to keep the same dark but humorous and cynical tone that the story had.

background music from www.bensound.com
sound effects from freesound.org

I spent two hours researching and trying to find free and appropriate background music after I assembled it. Every time I found something that was exactly what I wanted it cost money to use, so I ended up settling for the ever classic Elevator Bossa Nova.

I used audacity to make this project, and here is how I made the demon voice.

First I record a track

then I select and copy it.

Next I create two new tracks (make sure they are stereo tracks)

Then I paste the sound down into both.

Then for the first track I select all and go under effect and select pitch shift

Then I shift it down -11

Do that again for the other two except do -25 for the second track and -75 for the third (depending on you voice other combos might work better try different combos)

Then on the second track go to effect and select reverb and play around with the settings until you like it. Then apply those same settings to the third track.

Set the first track slightly to the right and the second slightly to the left.

There you go!

3 thoughts on “Ghoul be gone

  1. First off very well done commercial. Sounded real. Your project was very immersive and I think that is always a top priority for marketers. The background music gave us a sense of setting which I thought you nailed for a commercial concerning ghouls. It brought me into the world you were creating, a world of ghouls. I think you’ve demonstrated very well how an appropriate background layer can create a wholistic feeling if were to think about the different audio clips as a package. A sense of togetherness gives what you’re selling a strong ethos. Your message isn’t lost.

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