Radio chatter

For this assignment:

We were asked to make a noise from another noise. To fit with the strange demon theme I turned my laugh into distorted radio chatter. I got the idea from this because the horror game “five nights at freddy’s” (which has some really cool sound design) uses child laughs pitch shifted and slowed down as the monster screeches, and I wanted to try out some of the techniques they used. I pitch shifted, slowed down, reversed, and vocoded it then added some reverb to make it sound like garbled radio chatter. I had fun messing with all the effects and learning what they did.

I used audacity a free DAW to make this

First you record your laugh, then select the whole thing.

Under effects click pitch shift and shift it down -54.

Under effects click Reverb and set your sliders to how it sounds best.

Under effects all the way at the bottom click Vocoder and slide your sliders until it sounds good.

Then under effects click reverse.

Then shift the pitch back up 47 and then immediately back down -12.

Next under effect click change speed, and slow it by about -47

Finally select the empty spaces and delete them.

There you go.

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  1. I did not know how to do this in Audacity before I saw your post so thank you! Your tutorial instructions are very easy to follow and make it so that anyone could take on this task. Audacity is a program I would like to get a little more familiar with and this is a perfect beginner level way to go about it.

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