Customizing my blog

Finally, the fun part. WordPress gives a lot more options than I was expecting, but I wasn’t overwhelmed by it either. I am always a sucker dark text on a darker background, so I chose a slightly blue lighter grey to keep it readable, and to match the cyan in the image chose to show up front (the bunny with cat eyes).

I chose the title “Hypnagogic” because 1) I deal with a lot of hypnagogic hallucinations due to stress and 2) because a lot of my art deals with the blurring of the line between dreams and reality. Then the sub title “I don’t think I’m awake yet” goes with that theme, and adds to the slightly spooky atmosphere.

It was kind of a pain trying to get the customization I wanted to work, and figuring out what tool did what, but in the end it was very rewarding and I am very pleased with the results. Even if I had to try to wrestle down the file size of some of my artwork without losing the quality.

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