Campus (cat) walk

For this assignment:

We were asked take an existing image and change the concept in where you are and what you are doing. It’s wording is very vague, so I took the liberty of not including an image of my self (because I don’t have any and I don’t want any). I instead to a picture of campus walk I had and two pictures of my cats staring aggressively at me and I mashed them together so now I am taking my cats on a walk on campus. I miss being on campus a lot, and I remember seeing several people bring their cats to campus for walks (which is always funny to me) and so I decided because I can’t be there to acctuly do this, I could at least make this image instead.


I used Firealpaca, a free drawing software to make this.

First you get all the pictures you want open in different layers on the same file.

Then you erase big chunks of the backgrounds of the images you want on top. Pressing the little circle next to the layer will make it invisible, and that makes it easier to see what needs to be erased.

Then you come in with a smaller eraser and carefully remove the excess.

Next make all the layers visible again and use a low power blur tool around the edges of the foreground objects to make them seem a bit more natural.

Next under select while on the layer you want to resize, click transform.

Move the corner of the box to resize the object to what you want it to be, then select ok at the bottom of the screen.

Next use a gradient tool add a slight bit of a gradient in a clipping mask over your objects to make the lighting match a bit better, then turn the opacity of the masks down to 21 or lower so its not so visible.

Then all you have to do is save it as either a .png or a .jpeg (if you don’t select these it will save as an .mpd which only opens in firealpaca.

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