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We were asked to create a gif with 2 contradicting thoughts. I chose this one because I like the idea of putting how it feels flip flopping on how you feel really fast in your head into motion, because I am super indecisive.

I chose to do the phrases “It’s too hot” and “It’s too cold” because my sister and I argue about the temperature all the time (I am perpetually overheating and she is always cold as ice) and it’s just a constant back and forth.

To add some spice to the prompt I did the cold frame in warm colors (Yellow and orange) and the hot frame in cool colors (blue). I drew a snow man and some snow around the cold frame and sweat droplets on the hot frame. I also did a white gradient coming down on the cold frame and a black gradient coming up on the hot frame. I associate winter with dark (because of daylights savings time) and summer with light, so here they are also flipped.

I used Firealpaca, a free drawing software for this project. I drew each frame on a new layer and under files clicked “export as frames” then opened “Firealpaca douga” in my web browser


I click select all files and click all the frames of my animation.

Once my frames load in I select the frame rate I want (In this case I used 4 fps so it wasn’t too fast) and make sure loop replay is checked and insert logo is unchecked. Once that’s done you click the big red Create a GIF animation button.

It will take a moment to load then you lick the big yellow Ok!! Download button.

It will open this screen in a new tab, you should press the button directly below your animation that says Click here to download!

And that’s it, your animation is downloaded to your computer.

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