For this assignment:

We were asked to take an image and place text over it that contradicts the theme of the image.

For this I took this picture of shoes abandoned shoes hung from a tree and put the caption ‘You will never be abandoned’ over it. I chose this caption because the shoes are worn out and abandoned. I like the juxtaposition between the creepy image and the heartwarming caption. It was a bit difficult to get the caption in a readable place because there isn’t a very large section of similar shade that’s unbroken. I chose MS Gothic as the font because its clean and simple and not over done.

I created this image using Firealpaca a free drawing software.

First you open the image you wish to use in firealpaca then you click on the T to make text.

Then I set the font to MS Gothic, the font size to 350 and typed the text I wanted into the box. Then I clicked OK and dragged the text to the place I wanted on the image.

Then all you have to do is save it as either a .png or a .jpeg (if you don’t select these it will save as an .mpd which only opens in firealpaca.

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