Giving a classic new life

Fair warning, this post contains a kind of graphic image of gore and blood (the painting Saturn devouring his son” by Francisco Goya) if you are sensitive to that, I recommend not viewing more of this post.

For this assignment:

We were asked to animate a classic painting in some way. I chose to animate one of my favorite paintings, “Saturn devouring his son” by Francisco Goya. I really enjoy and draw a lot of inspiration from mythology, specifically Greek mythology, and I have always loved the frantic horrifying energy this piece in specific has. When I saw this assignment I knew I had to do it. I chose to move Saturn’s eyes like he’s looking around at people around him (like people around the viewer) frantically like a nervous animal in a zoo.

“Saturn devouring his son” by Francisco Goya 1923

It’s subjective how art and mythology are interpreted, but this image has always given me the impression that while Saturn is fully aware that what he is doing is wrong, he is no longer in control of himself, so adding the movement to his eyes that kind of implies he is being viewed by someone, it adds to this shame he is feeling, like a frightened animal at feeding time. It adds a slight bit of sympathy to him that just about no other versions of his story give him (and it’s entirely fair that they don’t he is a monster.) and i find that intriguing.

I used Firealpaca, a free drawing software for this project. I selected Saturn’s eyes pasted them on a new layer and painted over the place the used to be, then I duplicated the eye layer twice and moved them how I liked adding padding frames so it doesn’t go too fast. Next Click “Onion skin mode” under the view tab and then under files clicked “export as frames” then opened “Firealpaca douga” in my web browser


I click select all files and click all the frames of my animation.

Once my frames load in I select the frame rate I want (In this case I used 8 fps so it wasn’t too fast) and make sure loop replay is checked and insert logo is unchecked. Once that’s done you click the big red Create a GIF animation button.

It will take a moment to load then you lick the big yellow Ok!! Download button.

It will open this screen in a new tab, you should press the button directly below your animation that says Click here to download!

And that’s it, your animation is downloaded to your computer.

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