KO Studios

For this assignment:

We were asked to create a logo that’s simple but detailed.

I made a logo for an animations studio named KO studios. I made the background a very simple stylized boxing glove because that matches the name. I like the name KO studios because its ‘punchy’.

I used this website to create the name part of the logo:


Then I used firealpaca a free drawing software to make the background part. First select the circle from the top bar and use the dot to drop the anchor point where you want it. then draw a circle.

Next reset the anchor point and on a new layer draw a circle that is a slightly darker red.

On a third layer with an even darker red, select the 4th tool on the top tool bar, then set the four anchor points you want, then draw two lines far apart.

Then re-select the circle tool and align the guide with the tops of your lines.

Draw the arc to connect the two then fill it in.

Move the circles anchor point to the center of your fist circle then select the second circles layer.

Erase a stripe close to the first circle. Repeat for the third layer.

Move the logo you got from the website into the center of the first circle.

Then all you have to do is save it as either a .png or a .jpeg (if you don’t select these it will save as an .mpd which only opens in firealpaca.

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