Pixel this!

For this visual assignment

We were asked to make a 16 by 16 pixel image of something visually complicated. I have done some pixel art before, the lowest I have gone is 20 by 20 (its actually the icon for my website) and that was a real challenge, so obviously I wanted to push myself even further.

As you can see, he’s tiny!
Here’s a bigger version

I have been a huge pokemon fan for my entire life, and I loved looking at the old sprites, unfortunately now that the franchise has moved to 3D models new pokemon don’t get pixel sprites, so I tried to make one of the newest pokemon a pixel sprite. I chose Sobble, the little water type chameleon because he’s so cute. It was difficult to get his spindly little arms, but over all I think I communicated his charm pretty well.

Official pokemon art by Ken Sugimori

I used the website Pixilart.com to make it.


While you can make an account with them, you can work with out one (it just means there is a lot of ads) You can start by clicking the start drawing button.

Then it will give you a short introduction if it’s your first time on the site, after that’s over you can make a new canvas and set the dimensions (16 by 16 for this assignment) it will give you the option to set a color pallet, which can be helpful in some cases, but for this I didn’t use it because I already knew what I wanted to make.

The key part of pixel art in my experience is both start at the back and move forward and do big shapes first then add details in.

When you are done you press download and save it to your computer.

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