Setting up my domain

It was harder for me to set up my domain than I’d like to admit. I had to uninstall and reinstall WordPress 3 times for it to work, and I still don’t really know what was happening. I am not the greatest with technology, and my dyslexia defiantly didn’t help me get through the walls of text explaining everything, but I managed to get it done none the less. As much of a hassle as it was, it was also far easier than I was expecting as well. It really did sort of boil down to go to domain of one’s own, log in, and choose a name.

As far as setting up social media, it should have been easier for me than it was. I have basically no experience with social media sites at all. I use YouTube sure, but not as a content creator, I don’t even comment. So setting up 4 different profiles at once was, a bit daunting. I’d say that sound cloud was the hardest one to figure out for me, because I have never once looked at it. While I also had no prior experience with Flickr, I am a digital photographer, and the whole site felt a lot more intuitive to me. I am actually a little more scared of doing the introduction part than all the technical set up.

2 thoughts on “Setting up my domain

  1. Congrats on making it here! WordPress is definitely daunting when you first start out. I remember how confusing it felt when I first started.

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