Super impatient

For this assignment prompt

We were asked to make an image of a super hero doing something mundane.

I drew a sketch of the flash waiting for his frozen dinner to cook in the microwave. I always get super impatient when waiting for the microwave to cook, even if it’s only 2 minuets, especially when I get back from work and don’t have the energy to even take my uniform off. I thought it was funny to have the hero who’s known for speed to have to sit and wait while scrolling on his phone.

For this assignment after I took the photo of the sketch I had to adjust it in my computers photo-editor to make it look nice.

Open edit and create.

Click edit

Under crop and rotate, click rotate until its right side up.

If your picture is slightly crooked adjust it with the straightening slider.

Then go under adjustments, slide the light slider the left and the clarity to the right to darken the image and define the lines.

Then you save it as a copy of the original.

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