Demon movie trailer

For this assignment:

We were asked to make a trailer for a character, so i made on based around the audio drama I made:

I like the dynamic these two characters have, on being as annoying (but ultimately harmless) as possible and the other not even acknowledging it at this point. It makes them feel like close friends in a strange way.

Having the intense blockbuster/ horror trailer voice over being undercut by the music and absurd visuals is funny. The demon isn’t exactly the same as I had been intending with the audio drama (I have no money I can’t afford to buy costumes and such), but having this weird slinky creature instead of a big hulking thing makes it more funny. If it had just been a big over the top thing it wouldn’t have been as strong as the idea of this ghost that would usually work best through subtly have to resort to getting up in some ones face and being ridiculous. It was a blast to make especially having the assistance of my friends for actors and what not, I have no clue how I would have done this without them, and I am so grateful for their cooperation and time.

Filmora was the only editing software that was free and would run on my computer (it cost 19 dollars to remove the watermark).

To edit in filmora first you import all video and sound needed into the little box in the corner.

Next you drag each into its own layer. Then you clip the footage/audio you don’t want apart by moving the red bar over it and right clicking on the track you want split and selecting ‘clip’ and then right clicking and selecting delete.

Slide all parts over to where you want them to be playing and if you want to not have the audio from the recording grab the bar on the bottom of the footage and slide it down to the bottom.

when everything is the way you like it click the big blue export button.

There you go.

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