What even is that?

For this visual assignment

We were asked to take a super close up of something so that it’s hard to guess what it is.

Can you figure it out? is it a dragon sculpture or some kind of stained glass window?

Its a lamp shade. I really like this lamp because it kind of reminds me of dragonfly wings.

I chose this prompt because it reminded me of the intros they did for Rugrats, it’d be a super close up of something and it’d make you wonder what is that strange alien thing? only for the camera to pull back and reveal oh its this common thing. It really helped you understand the characters (the babies, it’s a really weird show when you think about it) perspective. All these things that we see as common and unremarkable are only that way because we are used to them, when we were little everything seemed strange and wonderful and confusing. It’s an exercise in de-familiarization, and that can really help us understand and empathize with people who are different from us by making us see that the things we see as normal can be strange and confusing out of context. It pushes people to try to understand the context of things in other culture they don’t understand and by extension become more accepting of them.

I used my dslr camera to take this and it was really difficult because I don’t have a macro lens for it, so it hates trying to focus on close up objects. The best way to get your camera to focus on a close up object is to have better lighting, and if you can’t do that move the camera farther away, get it to focus and then move back in close.

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