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My daily create for today

For today we had to make a post about what we would do as a news anchor if there was no news today. I made a sketch of a news anchor saying “No news today. Please stare at your own reflection in the blank screen and regret your life choices.” I choose to do this because, first I think it would be funny, and second I cannot imagine having ‘no news’ for a day could possibly be a good thing, it feels like it would just mean that things have gone so wrong that nothing can be done about it. I tend to watch the news as an escape from worrying about all the things going wrong in my life (by worrying about all the things going wrong that effects everybody) and so like in the moment the screen goes black you see your own face reflected back at you and you are left all alone in your own small world of disaster with nothing to distract you from doing some much needed introspection.

I think it is interesting that this prompt came up the day after the riot in dc where trump supporters broke into a government building. I suppose after that, I can’t imagine a world where no news means that nothing bad has happened, just that so many bad things have happened that you can’t even begin to tell them all. It’s hard to imagine ‘no news is good news’ I suppose.

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  1. I feel like I had a similar reaction with my version of this daily create. I like your take on it! It’s definitely scary to think what “no news” would mean these days.

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