Final project; Outgrown

When we’re little the love we give to our stuffed animals can bring them to life. In return for the love we give them, they protect us from monsters and fears that creep out of the dark to haunt us. They give us a refuge, a little feeling of safety in a world that’s so much bigger than us.


Like one panda bear that sits on his owners bed protecting them from the fear lurking around their bed, patient and dedicated to returning the love and care he had been given. They needed him and he wouldn’t fail them.

Time goes on, and children grow up. They look forward to their future and the new places they are going to go. The panda sits quietly nestled into his owners side as they make their own plans. He listens to them excitedly talk about the amazing out of state collage they’ve been accepted into. Surly they would take him with them. Sure there have been less monsters as the years have gone by, replaced by fears and struggles he can’t fix, but they still love him right?

Nights are much scarier when he’s alone. He was left behind. They still loved him sure, but they didn’t need him anymore. They can fight their own monsters now. In all this time he spent being needed, he had never realized that he needed them too. When they came back and started packing their things he could have snuck in, hid among the clothes, made them bring him too. But he didn’t. It was their life and their decision to make, he just hoped, desperately that they’d change their mind.

As he watched their car drive off he couldn’t take it. He needed to go with them, he couldn’t stand being all alone in a quiet room just sitting and waiting. All the time in the world to imagine every worst case scenario. He ran to the door but it was closed, even if he could reach it he wouldn’t have been able to catch them. They were gone, and he was left behind in a world that is so much bigger than him.

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