Assignment 2 summary


Trying to be a better photographer


Photo safari reflection:

Photo safari images:

Daily creates:

Visual assignments:

I enjoyed making all of the work for the assignments as I am a visual artist and this is what I love to do. I had a very hard time writing about all the assignments though, it’s a problem a lot of artists face of wanting the work to just speak for itself, which doesn’t really cut it when it comes to submitting assignments, you can’t just hope that the viewer can see how much work you put in. I tried to keep the aesthetic of all of the work sort of similar, an eerie dark, but humorous vibe, I did better in some places than others. I found some really interesting tools when I was working on the assignments, but it really started to bother me that none of the links under any of the assignments work anymore, sure one or two did, but most were dead links. Seeing those examples would have been really helpful because a lot of the assignments were so vague I had no idea where to go with them. Trying to create the tutorials was also difficult for me, when I work I don’t think to gather the screenshots I need until long after I had finished. I can’t help the nagging feeling that I missed something, I don’t know if maybe one assignment slipped past me despite my many run through to check, but I’m worried that I missed the something big and important about this assignment.

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