Assignment 4 summary

Reflection on story telling:

Reflection on moon graffiti:

Daily creates:


Overall I had more fun than expected doing this section than I thought i would. Not being super experienced with the medium and not expecting myself to be perfect with it really let me let go and focus a bit more of the story of what I’m making instead of the technical aspects. I really thought that it would take me hours to figure out how to work with audacity, but once I got started it was a breeze (aside from looking for free sounds it was so hard to find the perfect ones). I do wish that I had access to Logic Pro though, it’s so much nicer than audacity and it has more tools and options. It was really difficult to have to listen to my own voice, but it was somewhat balanced out by getting to apply all sorts of filters too it. I wish I had someone else who could voice all the lines for me. Audio is a really powerful medium, it can communicate so much, but its often over looked or written off and that’s a shame because it has so many unique tools that it can offer a story teller. It’s one of the few mediums that can really allow you to speak directly with your audience, and do so with a great deal of intimacy that other mediums lack. It has the power to be both important and weighty but also conversational.

Comments on my peers work:

I do certainly feel less alone now that I’ve really gone through other peoples blogs. I was a bit worried that I was the only person struggling with things, but it was nice to see we’re all facing similar struggles and triumphs.

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