Assignment one summary

For the first assignment we were asked to set up and customize our blogs, set up accounts for several social media platforms to introduce ourselves, create an about page on our blogs, do a daily create, and then write blog posts about all of these things.

Here is the about tab, and the four blog posts I made for this assignment.

I struggled setting up the domain and all of the accounts because I have very little experience with the tools needed to do so, but once it got to the customization part it was far easier for me, I had a pretty good handle on the dream like, dark but funny vibe I wanted to extend through all on my accounts and such. There are a few places like in my introduction and in my daily create where I let the work I did (i.e. the picture, video, audio, etc.) speak for itself, and I worry that I might have needed to add more to my descriptions and summaries of those things, but I was to unsure of what else needed to be said. I am hoping that since a lot of the technical set up has been done that it will be less daunting to start working on the next assignments (and I’m hoping there will be a lot more creative work too).

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