Summary 5

Reading film:

Scene analysis:

Daily creates:


Comments on others work:

I really like film analysis, I think it’s really cool what visual short hand and audio tricks film use to create atmosphere and it’s so fun going through and looking at all the little details that are in films. I know not everything is an intentional choice by directors, but they still help inform the viewer on how to interact with and interpret the film.

I have zero experience working with video and no equipment that could give my projects a nice look to them, so I was very apprehensive and then the only editing software I could find that would run on my computer was filmora and that made it ten times worse. Had I not had my friends there to support me and help with the acting and all, I would have had a really bad time with these assignments. I did like having these assignments tie in with some of the past assignments I’ve done, expanding on the joke I was trying to tell and the humor I was going for. I think if I had more time to plan out and was able to put together a more though through shoot I might have been able to implement all the techniques I learned about in the readings into my own projects, but as it stands, given the restrictions I’m working with, I think they turned out really well.

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