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What I gathered about audio story telling from Ira glass’s series that having both the engaging anecdote and a point to that anecdote is important. If you have an engaging anecdote but a weak point it’s a let down, and if you have a boring anecdote but a really good point no one’s going to listen to your point. The two need to be balanced against each other. Just the same you have to have a balance between the people speaking, if one gets more time than the other they’ll have nothing to bounce off of and will be overall less engaging.

He also talks about being able to kill projects that just aren’t working out. You can’t spend forever dwelling just trying to make one piece perfect because there are so many others that could come and flow so much more naturally and work so much better if you go out too look for them. It can be hard to let go of something more and more if you’ve sunken time, energy, and passion into something, but allowing it to trap you doesn’t do you very much good.

Jad Abumrad’s interview talks about how audio can create empathy through co imagining. It takes the best part of video and writing and puts them together. Video has this deep connection where you can connect with this person and deeply understand them, but it often doesn’t leave space for imagination, where as writing is all about painting that picture in your head, but it lacks that same closeness that video can get. Audio strikes that balance of having this feeling of connecting with another person, like they are talking to you and you specifically, but still giving the listener the freedom to paint their own mental image one that is unique to them and boosts that feeling of being individually connected with.

Audio is a unique form of story telling and with that it has its own language that it uses to communicate. It has its own benefits and weaknesses compared to other methods of storytelling, and that means some things are more or less suited for this genre depending. People keep saying that ‘radio is dead’ but in a way it’s taken on a new from (podcasts) and is still thriving because it’s such an effective and powerful tool to communicate with.

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