Reflecting back

Over all this was a very stressful class for me. It wasn’t the assignments themselves or the material that was covered, it was the time restrictions that really did it. I really enjoyed most of the assignments and the material we covered was, for the most part, really interesting. I don;t feel like I’ve learned a lot though, as far as practical skills go. I really fell back and used knowledge that I already had and avoided the assignments that asked me to do things I didn’t know how to do. It’s because there were just so many assignments that had to be done every day that there wasn’t time to both technically and creatively engage with the props and be able to get everything done and done well. If it had been two or three things to do every assignment I would have had more time to try new things with my work. I know that its a very short semester and there is a lot to cram into that time, and I’m sure if i had taken this class in a normal sized semester I wouldn’t have had this problem.

I think my favorite assignment was the pixel drawing one.

It was fun to try this new tool for making pixel art and I’m definitely going to use it again. My most successful project was my audio drama.

It wasn’t perfect by any means there are a few glaring issues, but it was a lot more ambitious then my other projects and I tried a lot of new things for it and it really paid off. As far as writing assignments go hands down I had the best time with this

I already love analyzing film and I had a lot of fun dissecting the scene.

As far as less successful projects, despite all the fun I had making the videos I wish I had been able to get rid of the watermark because aside from that I really like them.

There are three projects that just over all I didn’t have any fun with and didn’t turn out well because I didn’t have the time to properly execute them. Notably these are the tree I had the hardest time coming up with a tutorial for. If the end product had been better I may have thought back on them more fondly.

I don’t regret taking this class by any means, I just wish it hadn’t been so stressful.

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